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    100% Renewable Energy

  • We are passionate about achieving 100% Renewable Energy

    Solar Energy Project Development - Technology Distribution

    KESCO Energy is exclusive partner of Next2Sun in Poland:

    Innovative PV Solar System

    Agricultural Solar System

    Solar Fence for Private Homes & Companies

    KESCO Energy is exclusive partner of PVXchange in Poland:

    Your Online PV Marketplace

    PV - Modules

    Inverters & Parts


    KESCO Energy is your partner for investment into big PV Power Plant Project.

    Energy Cooperatives

    Produce and use up to 10 MW renewable energy jointly - as member of energy cooperative


  • Independence

    Our goal is to support people in Poland for creating a renewable energy revolution. We generate and use energy from natural ressources. We share our knowledge and invest together. A network of solar, wind, biogas and other renewable energy installations becomes the basis for producing the energy for everybodies own demand. Where no fossile ressources or dangerous nuclear power is used people can become "prosumers". A group of prosumers can create cooperatives and produce the energy needed by themsevers. KESCO has an unique offer for prosumers, the Next2Sun PV system. This can be a PV power plant or simply a fence around your house or field. We create a "democreatic" energy supply, because it is made by people not by large energy corporations. The new energy is produced by individuals, local groups and societies. 100% earth friendly!

    Energy cooperatives

    Prosumer cooperatives are local renewable energy initiatives.

    • 100% renewable, environment and people friendly
    • KESCO supports the creation of local initiatives and energy cooperatives
    • Participation of local inhabitants will be the key factor for renewable energy
    • Members of energy cooperatives reduce their energy bill and produce energy
    • KESCO plans, builds, services your solar system
    • The cooperative is democratic, each member has one vote



  • Offer



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    Next2Sun PV Fence

    Protect your animal & produce energy

    Up to 50 kW for prosumers

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    Agricultural PV power plant

    Dual use of agricultural land - for food and energy

    With bifacial modules in east-west orientation these power plants

    - produce up to 10% more energy

    - produce energy in the morning and evening, at higher value

    - leave space for maschines for work on the fields

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    Online shop


    KESCO Energy is the partner for solar installers for high-quality PV components.

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    Optimize your system

    Computer simulations

    We simulate your PV solar system.

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    Project development

    Design, permitting, grid

    KESCO Energy develops PV Solar and Wind Energy projects. In partnership with international investors we design, finance and build renewable energy power plants connected to grid and for own consumption of industries.

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